Coconut Grove Arts Festival

If planning an alternative to espying watercrafts, the Coconut Grove Art Festival brings the bohemian to the Boat Shows yacht dreamy-ing. While the event eventually will name the musicians (Emily Estafan) who will perform at various times, the showstoppers will always be the art that speaks without a larynx or an amp.

Many have asked why the Festival always runs concurrently with the Boat Show; why wouldn’t it own an alternative weekend and the garner the entire attention of South Floridians and their visitors year round? There is no shortage of hotels to accommodate two major events and the Festival gives their artists up to three days to show their works to the public lucky enough to enjoy an extra reprieve to observe Columbus Day. Past years have proven that there is not a lack of attendance for either event as they breaking records for attendance or revenue (usually both) every year.

The county fair food while viewing the arts contrasts the wine sipping dreaming about luxury liners or drowning the pain of an empty bank account. With many visitors spending the entire month of February in South Florida, they may save their yearning to taste food for the SoBe Wine and Food Festival two weeks later.

The location of these two events becomes much closer and could cause congestion of vehicles and ideas of which to attend. Uber, more than ever, becomes the tourist’s best friend for the locals knowledge of the area and alleviating the stress for visitors and said locals to get around (and to park).

The Miami downtown area hotels will take center stage, with the Mandarin Oriental offering Five Star, Four Diamond service and the Marriott Marquis offering everything else (with the JW Marriott the immediate second choice if the Marquis, in fact, does not have availability). To avoid the Boat Show traffic heading toward Key Biscayne, the Biltmore in Coral Gables is a great option to stay. 

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival happens February 13 through 15. Daily general admission is $12.00 per person with free entry for children 12 and under. For more information about the Festival, visit

Identity Theft Statistics

Getting older means having to be more attune to the dangers of identity theft. Here are some statistics procured about this tragic crime, provided by LegalShield.

The five common types of identity theft: Financial, Criminal and Character, Employment/Social Security, Medical, and Driver’s License.

  • The average dollar amount charged in identity theft: $92, 893.
  • The average amount of time spent repairing a stolen identity: 607 hours.
  • There are over 10 million victims of identity theft every year (27,000 victims per day).
  • The FTC reported that identity theft has been the number 1 complaint by consumers for 11 straight years!

My aunt, back in the innocent 1990s, was a victim of Social Security theft when she was in her eighties. At that time, the general populace was just starting to understand the threat and the damage it could cause to one’s self esteem and time to repair the damage. At that time, as in today, the victim is the guilty party, in the eyes of the creditors, until they prove their innocence.

Visit LegalShield for more information about their plans to secure the identities of the family and friends you care most about.

Docking Jockeying Station Notes

The natives will take advantage of the weak and the naive. Especially in a competitive job market like Metro Miami. Keep these things in mind when your eyes purvey the listings that may seduce you and lose you. From the latest experience.

  1. Beware of the lucrative titles that may have double meaning (i.e. Account Manager). We learned that this term doesn’t mean a one corporate account but for many household accounts. In an earlier day, a Account Representative, Customer Service title may have been used but this new day Account Manager term seems nefarious.
  2. If the website says nothing, then the value may also be lacking. Do the research and visit the business site and see how current it is, what the theme is and, most importantly, what the company is about. If you read 500 words in about us and still wonder what they’re about, that’s a red flag signaling to slow down and let the manatees swim.
  3. The interview comes and one, two, three, and six show up at the same time, that is not an interview, that is a cattle call. Do Ce Do the heck out of there.
  4. If the interview is late, make the call. What is the value proposition? Is having a chance at a second interview the important get or is it time? The important message about time is that the person not valuing your time is the same person that will drive a hard bargain about their time. Does that mean jet? No, that means be aware of what you might be dealing with and evaluate throughout the decision process.


Phin tank

What happened with Daniel Jones was seen as triumphant.
It is what tanking should bring as a Miami Dolphin
Anything less would seem like an abrasion.
Put another band-aid on this football vacation.

Cause while the play is causing fans to flee.
Is the final outcome is destined fait acomppli.
And while the blowhards are saying they get better.
The players will be gone so it doesn’t really matter.

What the team says is the fans cannot identify
With the players losing culture who often codify.
Unlike a player like Cameron Wake.
In a room full mush when he was the only steak.

He saw many coaches go out the door.
Never to be a head man no more.
It wasn’t just the players that cause this malaise.
It’s also the leadership as bland as mayonnaise.

That is something that tanking will not solve.
The leadership void in perpetual absolve.
The draft picks don’t hide the leadership void.
And the tanking doesn’t mean an automatic Jones.

First they need the balls of the choice they make.
And take the flack for the player they take.
And stuck with the consequences if the player stinks.
The progress of a Tannehill leading will kink.

Not saying a turnaround is not unforeseen.
But this is not an Astro, it’s more like a Marlin.
Marketing the ballpark instead of the team.
While they lose 100 with no field of a dream.

Being competitive is often a fantasy.
For the organization who cares only about money.
As the players say that its a business.
As the Dolphin’s threaten to go winless.

And hope for better things in the future
By taking a full break and not applying a suture.

What Happened to Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown timeline:
9/7 – Bye, Raiders
This much was patently clear.
After cold feet and a head smear.
The Raiders, even this randy bunch.
Knew Antonio was out to lunch.
And didn’t want a dime of their action.
So they kicked him out of their crazy faction.
9/7 – Hi, Patriots
The Patriots welcomed him with open arms.
Not knowing the future media alarms.
Coming down the pike was a story with black marker.
Krafting a byline like a Jupiter massage parlor.
9/10 – Bye, Personal Life (civil lawsuit alleging sexual assault)
9/15 – Hi, TD pass
He catches a pass, and all is well
Till a second story appears of more ill will
9/16 – Bye, Credibility ( )
9/19 – Hi, strong arm texts
He seemed pretty smart on the online game.
But the texts in private trying to shift blame.
Was the last straw that stirred the drink.
And the Patriots did not want any of that stink.
9/20 – Bye, Patriots
Adios, the team says in a release.
We can’t continue to carry a dog with fleas
9/22- Bye, NFL
Is it goodbye to the game he beloves?
To sing Happy Birthday or proclaiming true loves?
To be sure, this is last espouse.
From AB or his agent, Drew Rosenhaus.

The Tide says bye

The Dolphins have shipped another good player
For draft picks who will become another later
They’ve lost a player named Fitzpatrick
Not the QB of pix-six stature

This was the one with Alabama pedigree.
Cause playing for a loser isn’t where he want to be.
Now the secondary will be more of a sieve
When the Fins tank, there’s more points to give.

For the teams that are actually trying
To make fans happy instead of the crying
For the fans who have suffered for decades on end
They can only tank because it’s the only way to win.

Getting that paper that has heavy stock
Of all the draft picks as if they were a lock.
To turn in players as good as Minkah
And not like the many who were found to be stinka

And those historians who wanted to suck for Luck
It turned out the Luck had run out and trucked
Some plans don’t work out like the signing of Suh.
Still having 8 million today that is due.
Even though for years his tenure was done
It was a contract where only one person won.

It’s time to party and bring out the streamers,
The Fins got more picks and continue to be dreamers.
And one day they will be on the board.
And prove that tanking will give a just reward,