Under the Kap

This is the story of Kaepernick. He’s a crusader with a dirty knee. It’s a kneel that continues to stick. If the pads fit you must acquit. There’s a murderer in the Hall of Fame. In the same sport they won’t allow him to play.

Of course he could play in a park somewhere. And sign some autographs and give some flair. But dude clearly wants an opportunity. To compete in continual perpetuity. He is a infant for a quarterback. And that was before a couple of years back.

When he and Eric Reid made headlines by standing. For their principles by not standing. And rubbed many people the wrong way. Not like Eric Garner got robbed five years + today. One of the people wasn’t Jay Z. He extolled the virtue then pivoted to greed.  And that was the basis of the affirmative action. Not to insult the military faction. But that is the price you play. You speak your mind and you may not play.

And that’s where Kap stands years later, looking for a job in the gridiron theater.  Where most act like it’s just a game. While overlooking causes of head trauma and pain. And many people say Colin is washed. That he might as well be Sasquatch. That talk is crazy and uninformed. Has anybody followed the Dolphins teal storm?

Since Marino retired, they can’t throw a pass. They chin buckle under pressure and their bones are like glass. And now they throw out a guy like Fitzpatrick. The only comparison is he rhymes with Kaepnerick. Other than that, only Rosen competes, and of course the bad headlines replete. And Stephen Ross is a Trump don$r. And there was the Che shirt, which was also a boner. But let’s agree that it’s not ability, thats keeping Kap from giving a team stability.

Its unfortunate to speak when the truth hurts. Or when the message isn’t conveyed correctly at birth. And so Kap continues to stand on the sideline. And the effect of his kneel will be his main timeline.


Golden Planning

Golden Tate has been suspended. He of the gold dome, apprehended. Headed for the Big Apple to receive, losing games for planning to conceive, the future with a baby nearby, weird choice to play in the N.Y., raising a baby is a hard enough chore, but in New York its especially more. Will the stork pay multiple tolls, flying through middle fingers du jour. Fertility planning is quite a crawl, like a baby before walking at all.

Manny Ramirez had some fertility pills and he made no apologies for masking his ills. Hiding his cycles from being on display, while keeping his bat speed and pitchers at bay. Other’s will say its part of deal, recovering from injury while keeping it real. Like Andy Pettite, another Bronx player. He’s gotten the pass cause his rep had been greater.

But back to the fate of Mr. Giant Tate. He could be truthful but maybe he ain’t. Charles once said that he wasn’t a model and roles were made from parents to follow. It is unfair to get an illegal advantage, like Mr. Brown and his old helmet vestige. But how many athletes seek an extra push to make the money that they think they should. Since they’re careers are so short already, they seek all the coin they can get and maybe..

They might be injured or planning a family. They might also be listening to Manilow playing ‘Mandy”. Saying they gave and they gave without taking. But its noble if children that Golden will be making.

Foot in Helmet Disease

AB tends to work with many steps. They both contract and expand with reps. One is ballyhooed internal muscle and one is a ballyhooed receiver with hustle. Both like to admire the likes of adorers though one has a fetish for helicopters.

Antonio displayed massive drama while in the P.A. and now he might land in a stadium near LA. Might meaning he might decide to walk. And one meaning Las Vegas might balk. About the Raiders being overvalued while the love is in the East Bay where the fans are being screwed.

But Brown is to report to train with his posse while he tap dances around his story like Bob Fosse. First its said that he has cold feet. Threatening his status of being elite. Then it’s the helmet with size and shape. Blurring his vision while on his break. What next, we ask, from this prima donna? He belongs either in Vegas or crying to his Mama?

He’s come up from being without a home. It seemed like in Steeler town that he made it his own. But one disconnect, two disconnect, three and four. What does Gruden and the Raiders have in store? Gruden has a 10 spot of years on his deal. Thats 10 of Mahomes driving his defenses to squeal.

But back to AB cause he likes all the focus. Forget about quitting, that was all hocus pocus. He will dominate when he gets the ball, from a ball boy or incumbent Derek Carr. It wouldn’t be a drama if it wasn’t a wide receiver, the world is their oyster while the pain is with believers. And if he finds his helmet online, for a bounty of a practice helmet signed, then he will be a straight up magician, following the leagues mandate and condition. Instead of spray painting a hat as a primer, not a good look for a sideline to sideliner.

You think he will make the Raiders relevant. Remember Moss, Walker, Nelson, and all the money spent? They’ve been looking forever for a replacement Tim Brown. Guess what, the name is right but the attitude’s a frown.

The Joe Killed The Radio Star

The Joe killed the radio star. And moved him to a podcast. The radio dial always seems too antiquated to last. And personalities come and go like New Yorkers through a turnstile. And before you know it, the memory slows and you don’t remember them for awhile.

Take the case of Josh Friedman, who was let go by a Miami station. I’ve been here twenty years and its always been his vocation. He goes back to a point in time of sarcastic misuse, when Neil Rogers made him the butt of a joke because of a rumored hygiene issue. But at that time it was ok cause Neil made you relevant, unless you were Howard David and you wore a toupee like muskrat.

Let go by a station named “The Joe”. A new name that is to give some more flow. But the name sounds like the child of some one dumb as rocks. The Joe sounds like something sloppy and personalities full of crocks. We don’t expect much from this iteration of this Miami sports talk station but I’m sure they need a talent like Josh that smells like a pit that people use to mosh.

Expecting to hear an expert voice but its absent now. And his radio voice is certainly one that should be heard somehow. I always got the sense that he was the one to show the ropes, to youngsters, some talented and some dopes. A lot of us get expedited cause of a reason or another. But radio seems especially cruel to a fan or show runner.

I hope Josh Friedman makes it back to an airways or podcast. Seems like his talent shouldn’t be on a flagship at half mast. And now we have regular scheduled  programming but with one less on the farm. Seems like Miami radio is losing a lot of its charm.

Kneeler not on the fence

When the music plays and the bombs burst in to air, there is more dissenters that may dare. Those that kneel to the preamble. Those who kneel who are not able. To voice their opinion or share their disdain, on how people are deported, muted or slain.  Like a Pan Olympian fencer who gloriously medals, if he opines then many say that he meddles. And has the dishonor of having to give back, his hard earned bounty while others attack…..

Innocent civilians cause their voices weren’t heard, they write manifestos and injure the herd, of people who visit a WalMart to shop, not thinking they’re targets about to be shot. Would it seem more American if an anthem was playing, while people screamed obscenities while simultaneously praying? While a white male terrorist takes the gun to aim, and fire at his victims to kill or at least maim?

In an arena for a sporting event, athletes protest a silence that’s loud. They’re ridiculed for sharing their thoughts in a country that’s proud. In having the 1st amendment which guarantees the right, to speak even though it appears to slight . Of the people who fought and died in the fight. On the left side as well as the right.

So the bad publicity is what an athlete will Garner, some think of Eric and kneel even harder. And what they give up is more valuable than fame. But, at the risk of getting a moment of shame. They get self respect for bringing attention. To the things that are wrong in this glorious nation.

Stephen Ross, RISE or POTUS?

Look whose in the news again, someone PR deaf. If he didn’t have billions I’d think of an invalid. He runs the Dolphins like he doesn’t have a clue. The team colors should change from aqua to maroon.

That’s how Bugs Bunny calls adversaries morons, or ignoramuses or da past coaches of da Dolphins. At least the past 20 when there is nary a winner. And most of that the fault of the host of this dinner. In the Hamptons benefiting the orange colored man. Who doesn’t like anybody whose not white like his clan.

It comes out that Ross does more than just vote for Trump. He supports him financially with the gym monies lump sum. Equinox is now synonymous with an investor whose tone deaf. Its not the right he speaks to but to who that he has left.

And although he leads good work with mission called RISE. The people that are helped are the same they ostracize. Now its reported that difficult discussions were had, helping a POTUS who is monumentally bad. That ends with a player agreeing to disagree, will his heart be in to score TDs. When his owner took his power and betrayed the one thing they agreed on besides getting paid?

They being POTUS and his current cabinet crew. Not the 63 neither or left with some discord. And now there’s been talk of some outrage. But Andy is keeping his membership which stabilized the brand. Not the one that Stills plays for that kneels before the game. That brand has been marginalized post Marino and not the same.

And we are treated to another moment Stephen Ross has foot in mouth. He has billions and a judgement that’s clearly in the clouds.

Udonis Haslem

What was the order from the Heat troubadour, was this one player whose back for another tour. Without his running mate DWade in tow, although UD does not run much anymore. At least when the lights are on and when the games count. But UD was never about the arena when loud.

Udonis is much more a behind the scenes mentor. A guy who sweats the detes with those who are younger. Who knows what takes to be with the magic 3s. Whether its Dwyane Wade or all the trophies. Haslem is like 40 in both number and age. But I ask which roster has a 12th that’s more of a sage?

There are some who compare this to C. Anthony. It really isn’t apt but kind of funny. The math doesn’t equate when you initially relate what Carmelo does with his points in the paint. Udonis doesn’t have close to the game of this Famer. But his intangibles makes this argument lamer.  Carmelo has been on four different rosters. And each departure has been worse than the others. The last one in Houston was a reminder to thee: You can’t spell Carmelo without the word ME. Just with Stephen A he says he is different, the GMs look at tape and say “thanks but no thanks”.

The more apt comparison may be to Jeremy Lin, another former Knick unemployed and akin. Like Carmelo, he said publicly that he doesn’t understand what the league doesn’t see. One thing that sets UD apart, is his one story line, right from the start. He’s sacrificed more than many who thrive, and that’s why in this league, he’s the one still alive.

Udonis Haslem has been with one town. Part of Heat Culture that’s league renowned. If you don’t fit, we don’t just acquit. We ship you to Portland and say “that’s it”. But Haslem has always fit but not always lean. He started overseas before that scowl became mean. The Miami Heat took one look and said he might stick, and with year 17, the times sure went quick. And with three rings and his blood family set, his Bball family is forever in debt. ‘Cause with all of stars that came and went from this town, the one with all heart is the one still around.